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Play - Pratichhaa

Time & Location

02 Mar, 2:00 pm IST

As part of Manchan - National Theatre Festival by Black Pearl Arts
Written by: Rahul Sharma & Ruchika Rai
Directed by: Rajiv Kohli

Sri Ram Center of Arts,
Mandi House, New Delhi, Delhi 110001

About the Event

23rd March 1931, Hindustan lost its three precious diamonds. Bhagat Singh, Sukhdev and Rajguru..When we think of these names all we can remember is their sacrifice for this nation But why they did this? If we ask this question, most of the people would say to get India freedom from British rule. Is that it? No,. They wanted to build a nation., a nation with equality., where lower class is not suppressed by upper class, where people do not fight over religion.But was their sacrifice worthy? Are we actually free? Bhagat Singh use to say, "You can kill a man, but not an idea". Today, Bhagat Singh is more than a martyr. He is an idea, a thought, a reflection which can bring a change in our society. Soch Theatre group presents " Pratichhaya- The Rebellious Reflection ", a play based on a objective to bring this change in society


Bhagat Singh is more than a martyr.


Bhagat Singh is more than flesh.


Bhagat Singh is an idea.


And ideas can not be killed


The Play is based on original script written by Ruchika Rai and Rahul Sharma with some portions of play inspired from "Bhagat Singh ki Wapsi' written by Sagar Sarhadi. It has been Directed by - Rajiv Kohli and Music Arranged by - Sankalp Srivastava,


On Stage :

Rahul Verma, Sagar Sharma, Eshitva, Saddaq, Avirupam Das, Chandan Rawat, Sakshi Mishra, Arpan Anand Sharma & more.

Set:  Rajiv Kohli & Sagar Sharma|  Lights & Sound:  Rajiv Kohli | Costume: Avirupam Das, Sagar Sharma

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