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We're actors — we're the opposite of people!

Artise and Soch Rangmanch teams constantly working on

Reinventing Theatre & Art

Theatr & Art Anchor

Theatre & Art Initiatives

We have something for everyone in art


Soch Rangmanch

Soch Rangmanch has established itself as a seminary where we attempt to reinvent the way we learn and apply theatre. With a talented and strong team behind the scenes, we have pioneered formats like Cafe Theatre, Theatre@Work and Community Theatre. Join us to be part of endless possibilities. 


Aapki Awaaz

An initiative of Soch Rangmanch, appreciates all other performing arts like singing, storytelling, stand-up, poetry, and music to name a few. With more than 200+ Open mics being organized so far, we have more in store for all the artisans. All are invited to contribute.

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Meraki Emporio.jpg

Meraki Emporio

This podium appreciates non-performing art forms like painting, sketching, photography, etc. We organize both digital and offline exhibitions of the work of artisans. Pioneering India's first online canvas for artists, namely Project Canvas. Join us to know more about the novel concept.


Soch Theatre Productions

Lights, Camera, Action. The three words every actor loves and wishes to achieve in life. The camera-facing arm of Soch Rangmanch provides an opportunity for various actors to showcase their talent in short movies, concept shoots, and more. Join our team today!

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Soch Brigade

Serving society is serving humanity. Soch Brigade team has worked on various initiatives both offline and online. Even the pandemic could not stop us from spreading the word about making this earth a better place to live. We conduct chat shows, and interviews with experts for public awareness. Join us, and let's work together in serving society.


Upcoming Events

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